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05 Ottobre 2017 - 14:04    Stampa la notizia: SMI course by Paul Gauduchon

SMI course by Paul Gauduchon

Conformal geometry, Cartan connection, and locally conformally structures at Cortona
A SMI course on conformal geometry, Cartan connection and locally conformally Kaehler structures will be held by Paul Gauduchon at Palazzone in Cortona on May 13th-May 19th, 2018. The program consists also on around ten talks on current research on complex analysis and differential geometry.
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The event is supported by: Scuola Matematica Interuniversitaria; SIR2014 AnHyC "Analytic aspects in complex and hypercomplex geometry" (code RBSI14DYEB); Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica "Ulisse Dini", Firenze; GNSAGA-INdAM.
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