PhD in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics


The PhD program in "Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics", based in Firenze, is managed by a Consortium among the University of Firenze, the University of Perugia and the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "F. Severi"-Rome (INdAM). This PhD program inherited the tradition of the pre-existing three separate PhD's in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, and can rely upon the very many, and well established, scientific connections of the involved institutions with Universities and Research Centers in many Countries of the World. The relevant number of offered scholarships allows the achievement of a critical mass of PhD students and activities, which are fundamental for a doctorate with an interdisciplinary character.


Educational and training goals

The PhD program in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics has the double aim of helping PhD students to broaden and deepen their scientific culture and, mainly, of introducing them to leading themes of current scientific research through the preparation and defense of a PhD dissertation. The goal of this program is to form researchers having both a deep knowledge of the theoretical aspects of their disciplines and, at the same time, a good taste for applications and technological aspects. This may facilitate their enrolment  in Universities and Public Research Institutions, as well as in Industries (which nowadays must face frequent technological changes) and in the Public Administration or in the quaternary service sector. The graduate students are required both to attend lectures and pass exams in the first semesters of the course, and to participate in the seminar activities of the various disciplinary areas. The research work, aimed at preparing the doctoral thesis, begins already in the first year, and continues until the end of the third year, which can be completely devoted to the preparation of the dissertation.





PhD Program - Cycle XXXV

The Call for Applications concerning the Cycle XXXV of the PhD Program in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics has been published on April 29th, 2019. The deadline for submission of applications is May 29th, 2019, at 12 noon (Italian time). Further information and the Call for Applications can be found at .

The total number of scolarships is 12, among which a scolarship on "Data Science". Candidates applying for the "Data Science" scolarship are allowed to apply for the ordinary scolarships as well.

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